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Welcome to Monde du Loisir's service department. Our team is here to help you keep your recreational vehicle running smoothly and to provide sound advice when needed.

Most recreational vehicle owners understand the importance of having a reliable service team. You can trust Monde du Loisir's after-sales service for your regular maintenance. Whether it's a snowmobile, VTT/VCC, motorcycle or boat, our service team is here to ensure that you and your vehicle will have many more adventures, summer or winter.

Good planning, better service

Consult our easy-to-use online appointment form to schedule an inspection on any type of recreational vehicle. The information you provide in the appointment form will help us better prepare for your visit. The form will help us better understand your needs BEFORE you arrive, so we can resolve your issues as efficiently as possible. Our service team adheres to the highest standards. So you know you're getting quality service. Trust Monde du Loisir with the maintenance of your recreational vehicles and hit the trails with confidence.

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